COVID-19B – What you don’t know about Covid-19

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Why are 14 days in isolation so important?  Why should we avoid contact at almost any cost?

The 14-day isolation is important for two reasons that the Government doesn’t want you to know.
One, to give more time for security personnel to get into place. The military has an outfit called “Command and Containment” these specialized solders are under the Homeland Security Council and are under their direct control. Currently posted outside many large cities these outfits had to be deployed for this virus and;

Two, Once someone is infected and has taken seriously ill there is a chance that the virus can mutate into COVID-19B. Similar to the effects of a ‘Walking-dead” scenario. Immediately the health care system went on high alert and wanted to keep those potential issues from reaching the general public and get containment in place as soon as possible in large cities.

The very publicized story of Clairvius Narcisse back in the mid-1990s comes to mind for the possibility of this occurring. In 1962 Narcisse had toxins introduced in his system from a Haiti doctor and was pronounced dead. He was then buried in a ceremony. Then 18 years later was discovered walking and talking. He was re-associated with his family and was confirmed by them that it was Clairvius (he knew things only he would know).

Fast forward to 2020, and COVID-19B. This strain affects the nervous system by creating a similar toxin as that taken by Narcisse.

What’s not clear is what this means. Does someone stay immobile for several years, are they walking around, certainly the Homeland Security Council and the military are watching things very closely. All of us at are watching too.

Does Bigfoot Exist? Until this happens to you.

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On a whim over the Thanksgiving weekend, last Friday, we decided to go spend the evening visiting the casinos in Shreveport. Since its just a few hours drive from Dallas we got started about 2:00 PM. Not knowing the thrill of the casino wasn’t all that was going to happen that night.

After leaving Shreveport on the way back to Dallas we unexpectedly encountered a very loud thump.

We moved from one casino to another a few times, but pretty much stayed together. When we left Shreveport sometime between 11:00 PM and Midnight we didn’t expect too much traffic. I-20 in east Texas isn’t lit up very well, and at night it gets pretty dark except for your lonely headlights. Occasionally you’ll encounter a slow-moving truck to pass, but overall its pretty silent.

As we were approaching Longview all of a sudden something darted into the front of the car, then we could hear a very loud thump. We expected it was probably a deer, (we had seen a few of them lining the gutters of the road earlier). We immediately pulled over and checked for damage, and to see what happened.

Showing damaged area
Showing damaged area
Showing damaged area closer view
Closer View

Poor Baby Bigfoot

Then we saw it, on the boundary between the road and the trees stood a creature about 7 feet tall, completely covered in hair, and was kneeling next to something, and then returning to a standing position. Could it be? Did we just have an interaction with a child Bigfoot? We became very upset, and at the same time, couldn’t believe it. We watched as this behemoth of a creature picked up the smaller creature and ran into the woods.

We didn’t know what we should do. We were devastated over it and kept second guessing if this really happened, or if it was just a rogue deer. The next day we saw the dent in the front of the car. Yes, it really did happen.

I’m a believer now.

The Horn Doesn’t Sound at Midnight

No train horn sign
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Train Engineers Face Humiliation

According to Union Pasific, if an engineer is abusing the train horn at crossings when they reprimand him they take the train horn away from him and post signs at all his crossings that there is “no train horn” to further (by humiliation) punish him.

This is one cruel joke

It is very widely known that children of all ages who want to grow up as train engineers are doing it for one reason, to sound the big diesel horn. Although the actual reason for the horn is very important and should not be misused, this policy is, in our opinion, cruel.

What do you think?

This new employment policy has just been discovered by our investigative team and we thought you should know.

Post a comment, and let us know what your opinion is.